Meet Ruger.  Ruger is a gentle boy who spent several years of his life as a rodeo horse.  Ruger was part of a roping team and when he became lame, his owner couldn't keep him anymore.  Ruger was scheduled for slaughter.  Tiffany happened to be at the holding facility looking at other horses and met Ruger just days before he was scheduled to be transported for slaughter.  She says their eyes met, and she knew instantly, this horse was meant for more, his life wasn't meant to be over.  Ruger loves treats, loves to be brushed and pampered, and is gentle with children.  He is now an amazing member of OUR TEAM. 

Meet Hot Rod.  Tiffany had always wanted a paint and when she met Hot Rod, and saw how gentle he is and how much he loves people, she knew he was a great fit for her. She brought him home and now he is great pals with Ruger and an incredible asset to OUR TEAM.